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For ease of reading, I've set up the main part of this section in the form of an FAQ. If you have any other questions about the site, or encounter any problems, feel free to contact me.

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What is this site about?
Just in case you haven't noticed yet, this is a personal page. Basically, this is just a place where I can show off my work and my insanity. I also put up stuff done by my friends, you can find these in the various sections of the site (namely in Text/Writings).

What did you use to create this site?
For the (generic site) images I used a combination of this image editor I got from my scanner (Ulead's ImagePals 2.0) and Adobe Photoshop 6.0. The image at the left corner (the moon and the trees) was made from a couple of images I found from the net, while the one at the right I drew myself ^_^. The page itself was created with Notepad.

The site's layout was something I just came up with during class, with elements that are much inspired by Jaczie's DK site design. Gosu web designer indeed. ^_^

What does CT-Suicide stand for?
Countdown To Suicide. The name was originally for another page of mine (namely a suicide page), but I kinda grew fond of the name so I'm using it here.

Why is the Guest Gallery located on another site?
Because of Tripod's 20 MB restriction, I decided to place it on another site so I won't have to limit guest art contributions. The Guest Gallery site (ct-suicide.tripod.com) therefore fuctions as a "shootoff" of the main CTS.

Can I contribute my works to the Guest Gallery?
Only if I know you :P

Site host?
Oh yah. This site is hosted by Tripod (as if it isn't obvious from the stupid pop-up ads). Get your free 20 MB webspace right now!

*Ahem*. This site is dedicated (in no particular order) to all my clanmates, my friends, my classmates and blockmates, my fellow artists on and off the net, my relatives, my fellow gamers, and... the world? Hahaha whatever.

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ako_ay_cute...... Email: dame_blackpearl@yahoo.com
Contributions: guest art, Ringtones
Cress Arche...... Email: steveneric20@hotmail.com
Contributions: collaboration art
FART!...... Email: zdcscorpio@yahoo.com
Contributions: site adviser
Glock...... Email: (unavailable)
Contributions: various poems
graymalkin...... Email: (unavailable)
Contributions: various poems
Hyperion...... Email: coolhyperion@hotmail.com
Contributions: various poems
Onslaught...... Email: unavailable
Contributions: guest art
Pyxis...... Email: pekeww@yahoo.com
Contributions: guest art, short article
shadowblitz...... Email: shadowblitz109@yahoo.com
Contributions: guest art
Shadowdawn...... Email: Shadowdawn19@hotmail.com
Contributions: article
Skywolf...... Email: tien_lang@hotmail.com
Contributions: poem
Zero...... Email: psxzero@lycos.com
Contributions: guest art

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