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The drawings in this section are subdivided into 5 sections. The last section (Favorites) contains old drawings which, despite their age, I'd still like to display in my gallery. :)
Below are the descriptions of the various sections.

Drawings and Doodles - doodles, sketches, and random characters
Alternate - nudity and/or violence
Special - requested drawings and site stuff
Fan Art - characters from games/anime

Thumbnail Gallery
For those who don't want to bother reading through miles and miles of text descriptions, you can view a THUMBNAIL'ed VERSION of my drawings page. It's not complete, but it should give you an idea of my drawing style :P

    Drawings and Doodles Back to top 
beastfem.jpg.....b&w | female water demon of sorts
beastling.jpg.....b&w | a little critter
elfmagic.jpg.....b&w | naked female elf
elvengirl.jpg.....b&w | colored version | an elven girl with sparse clothing
felangel.jpg.....b&w | an angel who chose to fall
guardianx2.jpg.....b&w | the guardian of guardians (woman and gargoyle)
hbstripes.jpg.....b&w | a haughty bitch wearing a striped shirt
inkpractice.jpg.....color | practiced inking with a fountainpen
ntbk-1.jpg.....b&w | notebook sketch of a goth gal
ntbk-2.jpg.....b&w | goth gal in the cemetary
pirate.jpg.....b&w | inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movie ^^ - new
rainbowkry.jpg.....color | rainbow krydragon (my old frontpage image)
ruby.jpg.....cb&w | a pretty plain drawing of a red-winged angel
scrap-6.jpg.....b&w | a female archer... i screwed up on the left leg hehe ^^;;
scrap-7.jpg.....b&w | an ascending angel
scrap-8.jpg.....b&w | an angel and a cleo wannabe
scrap-9.jpg.....color | monochrome red dragon
scrap-bass.jpg.....color | monochrome scrap art of a girl with a bass g
scrap-bass2.jpg.....color | another monochrome scrap art, this time its a guy
scrap-fox.jpg.....b&w | a fox-girl, though she doesn't really have a tail ^^;
scrap-imp.jpg.....b&w | a female imp?
scrap-kids.jpg.....b&w | phoenix and dragon
scraparcher.jpg.....color | scrap-6.jpg colored, and practicing backgrounds ^^;;
seaelf.jpg.....color | headshot of a sea elf, in pencil crayons
tipsy.jpg.....b&w | a male angel with a sword. Don't ask why the filename :p
trenchangel.jpg.....color | a male angel wearing a trenchcoat
walkingangel.jpg.....color | nekkid female angel with her back turned

    Alternate Back to top 
banana.jpg.....b&w | somehow "banana girl" just came into mind
doggirl.jpg.....b&w | got tired of drawing cat girls, so a dog girl for a change
hakkai-ryu.jpg.....b&w | a sketch of Hakkai and Hakuryu "bonding"
tipsy2.jpg.....b&w | sketch of an almost naked angel
underwear.jpg.....b&w | pencil sketch of a girl, 'inspired' by "The Sweetest Thing" :p
wounded.jpg.....cb&w | wounded angel

    Special Back to top 
armydude.jpg.....b&w | request from Dave.DK, all cleaned up somewhat :p
bash640x480.jpg.....color | bash.com, my swordie in pRO Chaos server
cat.jpg.....b&w | colored version | a drawing I did for Eternity.DK :D
cat2.jpg.....color | another nekkid catgirl for Eternity.DK :P
datenshi.jpg.....b&w | a request from someone named Jodi, her own character
dkgal.jpg.....b&w | mock sketch of a female Divine Knight ^^
dkgal2.jpg.....b&w | female DK sitting around
dkgal3.jpg.....b&w | female DK standing with arms crossed
huzfan.jpg.....color | Huzafan, my brother's character in pRO
kei-pwn.jpg.....b&w | K e i`, leader of the Sekihoutai guild in iRO Loki
kij-pose.jpg.....b&w | Kijutaru., one of my Seki guildmates ^^
k-kulacollab.jpg.....color | (collaboration with Cress Arche) K' and Kula
--- Note: K' drawing by me, Kula and coloring/bg by Cress Arche
nana.jpg.....b&w | Nanatsunoumi, my character in pRO
ro_naes.jpg.....color | "Naes", my character in Ragnarok Online
sbmillia-colored.jpg.....color | (collaboration with shadowblitz) Millia Rage
--- Note: Millia drawn by shadowblitz, coloring by me
scrap-dk.jpg.....color | if you look closely, you can see my school's logo :p
stndangl.jpg.....b&w | male DK posing :p

    Fan Art Back to top 
assn.jpg.....b&w | male and female assassins from Ragnarok Online
bluemary.jpg.....b&w | Blue Mary kneeling down
chun-li.jpg.....b&w | a sketch of Chun Li from the SF series
chunli.jpg.....b&w | colored version | Chun Li looking over her shoulder
chunparry.jpg.....b&w | my rendition of Chun Li parrying -> kick (super)
dizzy.jpg.....color | a drawing of Dizzy from Guilty Gear X/XX
ffmonst.jpg.....b&w scrap art | Final Fantasy Tactics monsters: chocobo, flotiball, bomb
fire-ice.jpg.....b&w | Kula back to back with K'
gojyo-strip.jpg.....b&w | Gojyo of Gensomaden Saiyuki--all tied up
kflame.jpg.....b&w | colored version | K' with his hand flaming
rinoa-flip.jpg.....b&w scrap art | Rinoa (Final Fantasy 8) with an attitude
sanzo-flip.jpg.....b&w | Sanzo of Gensomaden Saiyuki giving the finger
terrydraft.jpg.....b&w | colored version | doodle of Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury/KOF

    Favorites Back to top 
digital.jpg.....b&w | digital angel
dragonb.jpg.....b&w | black dragon
iorikai_cg.jpg.....color | fanart of Kairi of SFEX, and Iori of KOF
kuja.jpg.....b&w | fanart of Trance Kuja from Final Fantasy 9
worm.jpg.....b&w | inspired by Rob Zombie's "Dragula"

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