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My fav links :)

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Blue Graffiti
The homepage of one of my clanmates back in the heydeys of Q3TEST. You may have seen our K' and Kula collab art in the Drawings page... kickass CG's on his site.

One of ako_ay_cute's friends, pretty good artist too. His site's still under construction (or so it says) but you can find some of his drawings there. Nice Darkstalkers fanart :)

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Biggest Filipino community forum online.

Good place to search for guitar and bass tabs

Bass community, best place to learn how to play the bass online. Has lessons, tablatures, articles, and a forum.

Home of the biggest SF community online, with tournament info, articles, and a very lively forum.

A very humerous site regarding grammatical errors and spellings found in Japan and different countries

Cute online comic by Tatsuya Ishida which takes on various issues from dating, current news and events, and even some religious issues. A must-read!

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Great place to learn japanese on the net, plus an online dictionary.

THE best quake site on the net, has all the information you'll need regarding the game plus articles, mods, and news updated daily.

A nice resource site for those who want to learn more about drawing and coloring, plus some nice tips on photoshop effects too.

The Madman's Cafe
Has the latest information on console and arcade games, one of the best places to look for for information and reviews.

SNK community, also has information and KOF match/combo vids.

KOF Online
The best King of Fighters info page on the net. Has galleries, forums, and information regarding the various incarnations of the game.

The Fighter's Generation
Extensive information on vari