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For ease of reading, I've set up the main part of this section in the form of an FAQ. If you have any other questions about the site, or encounter any problems, feel free to contact me.

Best viewing preferences
Best viewed under 800 x 640 resolution or above with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Netscape fux0rs things up. Optimized for IE5, utilizes a tiny bit of JAVA (just for the links), and requires the fonts Verdana and Comic Sans MS for optimum viewing.

What is this site about?
Just in case you haven't noticed yet, this is a personal page. Basically, this is just a place where I can show off my work and my insanity. Of course I do have guests contributing stuff to the site, hehehe... ^^;

Tell me more about the page itself
Let's see, the MAIN PAGE is basically the "updates" page. There I'll post any new updates to the site, and also pages which can't be found on the sidebar will be linked through that page. Next, the NEWS PAGE is practically equivalent to the "free talk" page you may see on other art sites, there I'll talk (or report) about anything interesting or anything new under the sun. The DRAWINGS page has 2 sub-sections, and contains all my drawings and drawings given to my by my friends. The GUEST ART section contains the drawings of various guest artists.
The TEXT/WRITINGS section contains compiled text/emails, song lyrics, and some of my own writings, poems, and fanfiction. MISC. INFO contains definitions and some interesting stuff you might like to know, and STORED FILES contains... well... files. Here you'll find some utility software, game-related downloads, and anything else you might find under one's Downloads page.
Under the SITE INFORMATION heading you'll find stuff regarding the site. You're already looking at the "About the Site" section, in the "About Ghost" section you'll find some info you may (or may not) want to know about me. And under the SPECIAL heading you'll find the CTS FEATURE page which contains whatever thing I want to feature right now and the JPOP RINGTONES page contains cellphone tones composed by ako_ay_cute. *Whew!* =^^=

Why are some guest art found on the main Drawings page and not in the Guest Art page?
The guest works found in the main Drawings page are either joint/collaboration drawings or drawings given to me. The drawings in the Guest Art page are either sent to me, or scanned. In other words, I don't have the originals of the drawings in the Guest Art page. ^^;

What did you use to create this site?
The images for the site were created with an image editor I got from my scanner (namely Ulead's ImagePals 2, version 2.0), and the page itself was created with Notepad. The site's layout was something I just came up with while working on some math problems :)

What does CT-Suicide stand for?
Countdown To Suicide. The name was originally for another page of mine (namely a suicide page), but I kinda grew fond of the name so I'm using it here.

Why do you also post your crappy drawings on your webpage?
So you can all have fun and laugh at me. :P

Site host?
Oh yah. This site is hosted by Tripod (as if it isn't obvious from the stupid pop-up ads). Get your free 50 MB webspace right now!

*Ahem*. This site is dedicated (in no particular order) to all my clanmates, my friends, my classmates and blockmates, my fellow artists on and off the net, my relatives, my fellow gamers, and... the world? Hahaha whatever.

Special thanks to...
FART! - who helped me out with decisions regarding the site layout and some drawings
Pyxis - for all the artworks and the cute comics... and for keeping me awake during CHINPRO :P
lady_blackpearl - aka. ako_ay_cute, for letting me host her ringtones on the page
Glock - for letting me put up his poems and for making the net a little bit more interesting
Onslaught - for letting me use his artworks on the site
and nadesico - for the suggestion regarding the guestbook and some jpop lyrics. Thanks to you all! ^_^

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