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The drawings in this section are subdivided into 4 sections. Except for the drawings under Guest Art, all art found on this page are done by me.
Drawings and Doodles - doodles, sketches, and random characters
Alternate - nudity and/or violence
Special - requested drawings and site stuff
Other - my fanart section :p

Drawings and Doodles
beastfem.jpg.....b&w | female water demon of sorts
beastling.jpg.....b&w | a little critter
demonelf.jpg.....b&w | this guy was supposed to have horns but... - new
elvengirl.jpg.....b&w | colored version | an elven girl with sparse clothing
foxgirl.jpg.....color | an attempt at pencil crayons ^^
gaychar.jpg.....b&w | a character who looks rather gay
rainbowkry.jpg.....color | rainbow krydragon (my frontpage image)
ntbk-1.jpg.....b&w | notebook sketch of a goth gal
ntbk-2.jpg.....b&w | goth gal in the cemetary
ruby.jpg.....color | a pretty plain drawing of a red-winged angel
scrap-1.jpg.....b&w scrap art | a nude angel standing
scrap-2.jpg.....b&w scrap art | an angel kneeling
scrap-3.jpg.....b&w scrap art | a female angel warrior
scrap-4.jpg.....b&w | a horned angel with a hammer
scrap-5.jpg.....b&w | a couple of gothic heads + Iori
scrap-6.jpg.....b&w | a female archer... i screwed up on the left leg hehe ^^;;
scrap-7.jpg.....b&w | an ascending angel
scrap-8.jpg.....b&w | an angel and a cleo wannabe
scrap-9.jpg.....color | a red dragon
scrap-bass.jpg.....color | monochrome scrap art of a girl with a bass g
scrap-bass2.jpg.....color | another monochrome scrap art, this time its a guy
scrap-col.jpg.....b&w scrap art | a small collection of doodles
scrap-fox.jpg.....b&w | a fox-girl, though she doesn't really have a tail ^^;
scrap-imp.jpg.....b&w | a female imp?
scrap-kids.jpg.....b&w | phoenix and dragon
scrap-soccer.jpg.....b&w scrap art | some soccer dude
scraparcher.jpg.....color | scrap-6.jpg colored, and practicing backgrounds ^^;;
scrapcomic.jpg.....b&w | something of a mock comic I did during class
tipsy.jpg.....b&w | a male angel with a sword. Don't ask why the filename :p

catgirl.jpg.....b&w | a catgirl lying down
girl.jpg.....b&w | a girl fixing her hair... nekkid :p
hentangel.jpg.....b&w | by request from the perverts of my clan keke
hentangel2.jpg.....b&w | guilty pleasure ;p
tipsy2.jpg.....b&w | an almost naked angel
underwear.jpg.....b&w | pencil sketch of a girl, 'inspired' by "The Sweetest Thing" :p

cat.jpg.....b&w | a drawing I did for Eternity.DK :D
dkgal.jpg.....b&w | mock sketch of a female Divine Knight ^^
dkgal2.jpg.....b&w | female DK sitting around
dkgal3.jpg.....b&w | female DK standing with arms crossed
k-kulacollab.jpg.....color | (collaboration with Cress Arche) K' and Kula
--- Note: K' drawing by me, Kula and coloring/bg by Cress Arche
scrap-dk.jpg.....color | if you look closely, you can see my school's logo :p
stndangl.jpg.....b&w | male DK posing :p

bluemary.jpg.....b&w | Blue Mary kneeling down
chun-li.jpg.....b&w | a sketch of Chun-Li from the SF series
dizzy.jpg.....color | a drawing of Dizzy from Guilty Gear X/XX
ffmonst.jpg.....b&w scrap art | Final Fantasy Tactics monsters: chocobo, flotiball, bomb
fire-ice.jpg.....b&w | Kula back to back with K'
iori-laugh.jpg.....color | upper body shot of Iori's laugh pose
iori-ntbk.jpg.....b&w scrap art | Iori kneeling
iori-scrap.jpg.....b&w scrap art | Iori standing around
k-kula.jpg.....b&w | K' dragging Kula behind
kblah.jpg.....b&w | nothing special, K' standing around
kflame.jpg.....b&w | colored version | K' with his hand flaming
kstand.jpg.....b&w | K' standing with his arm raised
mary-draft.jpg.....b&w | simple lineart of Blue Mary
natsumi.jpg.....b&w | Natsumi from You're Under Arrest
orochi-iori.jpg.....color | this one took me round 10 mins to draw, total :p
rinoa-flip.jpg.....b&w scrap art | Rinoa (Final Fantasy 8) with an attitude
romage-draft.jpg.....b&w | Ragnarok Online fem mage fanart
sanzo.jpg.....b&w | a quick sketch of Sanzo from Gensomaden Saiyuki - new
terrydraft.jpg.....b&w | colored version | doodle of Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury/KOF

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