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Current Feature - 08/11/2001
Tetsuya Komuro
The CTS feature the next few weeks is Tetsuya Komuro, producer, perfomer, and talented music guru of Japan. I have some screenshots available which I took from the globe vcd's, the quality isn't that good but at least you get to see him. ^_^ The Tetsuya Komuro biography found in the Text/Writings section is here too, just in case you haven't read it yet. Well, hope you like this feature! ^_^

Name: Tetsuya Komuro
Birth date: November 27, 1958
Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 168 cm
Blood type: O
Birth sign: Sagittarius

Komuro was raised in Setagaya Ward, not far from Shibuya. Komuro, or TK as he is known in the industry, began his study of music when he was three. He learned to play the violin, and also studied guitar, keyboards and synthesizer.

As a student at Waseda University Komuro met up with Naoto Kine and Takashi Utsunomiya in the band Speed Way. The three eventually left Speed Way to form their own group, TM Network, whose first album (Rainbow Rainbow) came out in 1984. TM Network had their own share of hits but it was as a solo artist that Komuro began to achieve real success, writing and producing songs for other major talent such as Miho Nakayama, Seiko Matsuda and Kyoko Koizumi. After spending a year in London exploring the dance music scene, Komuro returned to Japan more determined and sure of what he wanted to do.

Komuro discoveries include some of the biggest talent of the '90s - Namie Amuro, Tomomi Kahara, Max, Speed and globe, a three-member band which includes Marc Panther, a French MTV VJ, and Komuro himself. Total sales of singles and albums that he has written, produced, arranged and marketed amount to hundreds of millions. Komuro has also received the highest industry recognition year after year at music awards ceremonies.

Komuro has signed a joint venture deal with Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation to discover, nurture and promote fresh talent from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries. Recently, Komuro teamed up with Jean Michel Jarre to write the theme song for the 1998 soccer World Cup.
If you want to learn more about Komuro, please read the Tetsuya Komuro Biography :)

taken from the globe tour 1999 Relation vcd
tkcon1.jpg | tkcon2.jpg | tkcon3.jpg | tkcon4.jpg | tkcon5.jpg | tkcon6.jpg
tkcon7.jpg | tkcon8.jpg | tkcon9.jpg

taken from the globe Naked Screen vcd
tkkko1.jpg | tkkko2.jpg | tkvid01.jpg | tkvid02.jpg | tkvid03.jpg | tkvid04.jpg
tkvid05.jpg | tkvid06.jpg | tkvid07.jpg | tkvid08.jpg | tkvid09.jpg | tkvid10.jpg
tkvid11.jpg | tkvid12.jpg | tkvid13.jpg | tkvid14.jpg | tkvid15.jpg | tkvid16.jpg
tkvid17.jpg | tkvid18.jpg | tkvid19.jpg | tkvid20.jpg | tkvid21.jpg

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