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Before I bore you to death, I'd like to give a short explanation about the Ghostlog. Originally, the Ghostlog was supposed to be in reverse chronological order with the latest entry at the top. That was because I was expecting to get internet accesss during the summer, and was expecting to be able to update the page on the net everyday. But since that didn't happen, I decided to put the Ghostlog in chronological order, the last entry being at the bottom.

The Ghostlog is nothing more than a day to day account of what happened during the summer. It's practically a diary for me to look back on someday. I put it on the webpage because 1) I needed something new on my site, 2) I don't write on my diary every day but I'm on the computer every day, and 3) I type faster than I can write. So with these in mind, I created the Ghostlog.

Another reason is that someone might actually be interested in reading this thing, and though the chances are 1/1000000 (0.000001%), I figured what the hell. And so, without further ado... the Ghostlog! ^_^

The Ghostlog
April 15, 2001 | Pre-Ghostlog entry
This is the new section of CT-Suicide, known as the Ghostlog. Basically it's my journal of what's going down here at my house during the summer. I have nothing better to do. Anyways, since this is the pre-ghostlog entry I'll summarize what's been happening so the Ghostlog will have some background to work on. Here goes...
Previous to the finals, I've been really goofing off with Diablo 2 leveling up my Necromancer and Amazon. After finals and before the dreaded course card day I've been playing Diablo 2 practically nonstop. During cc day happily enough I didn't fail any subjects (though I barely passed 3 of them). I got hooked on Street Fighter EX2, and bought a copy for the playstation the next day. I also bought a copy of Summoner and Black & White, which I haven't played coz I was hooked on the playstation.
The next few days were pretty much the same... get up, play, and draw a bit. I'm pretty much obsessed with Kairi, which is evident from my playing and drawings. I also played Icewind Dale a bit, and lately I learned how to use the Creative Playcenter 2.0 program and now I'm ripping cd's. The current games installed on my comp are Diablo 2, Quake 3 Arena, Q3 Team Arena, Half-life and Counterstrike (thanks to the people who fixed my comp), Icewind Dale, Summoner, Black & White, Fallout 2, and Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Of all those, the game I'm playing right now is Street Fighter. Go figure.
Lately we got our scanner attached again, so I'm scanning in more drawings and working on my webpage. We don't have internet access yet so in the meantime I'll be layering updates til we get our cable. That's the overview of the happenings prior to the Ghostlog, now the rest will come on a day to day basis! ^_^

April 15, 2001 | Easter Sunday
I just finished some major updates on my webpage, and now I'm relaxing and ripping my cd's. I didn't get much sleep last night, something was keeping me up... so I got up around 4:30 am and started drawing. :P I played Street Fighter earlier this morning, but my left thumb has degraded into a condition such that a single shoryuken would probably break the skin so I'm giving it a break for a while. I'll just be ripping more cd's for today. ^_^

April 16, 2001 | Monday
Damn summer's really gotten boring these days. I tried playing Icewind Dale multiplayer with my younger brother but it was kinda slow in gameplay, so I got tired of it. I played Fallout 2 a bit, and found some of the responses there rather funny. My thumb seems pretty much healed now so I think I'll go and play a bit of Street Fighter :)
Well, just finished playing and I just managed to get pissed off. Of all the characters that Zangief has GOT to be the cheapest, most annoying character in the game!!! >:( I played against that character in VS (hard mode), and couldn't even win a match! Oh well, just got to practice more I guess :P

April 17, 2001 | Tuesday
Me and my younger bro (FART) went to OB Montessori to pick up his enrollment form earlier, then we checked out a couple of network gaming shops near the school, Netvana and Hollow Point. Amazingly enough, there were still some people playing Counterstrike, but not as many as before summer started. Both stores were more than half empty, and some people were playing games other than CS.
When we got back home I let my puppy in the house while I went upstairs and changed. When I got back down I saw my puppy being fucked by my aunt's dog. @_@

April 19, 2001 | Thursday
I wasn't able to update the Ghostlog yesterday because of lack of happenings, anyways today I went to school to enroll. Lots of freshmen were lining up waiting to get into the admissions office, which kinda reminded me of what I had to go through before. Hah, poor saps. Glad I'm finished with that crap. :P I met up with fellow clanmate TK earlier, and he taught me a couple of things about using Kairi in Street Fighter EX. That's bout it!

April 20, 2001 | Friday
Just sitting around waiting for Survivor 2 right now. AXN's monday anime is now Street Fighter Zero, which coincides with my renewed interest (hehe). I think this time I'll sit and try to watch the show. ^_^ Anyways, lately I've been addicted to Hot and Spicy SPAM fried rice... you guys should try it out, when it says "Hot and Spicy" it really MEANS "Hot and Spicy". Look for the SPAM can with the red label. ^_^

April 21, 2001 | Saturday
I think I'm losing track of the real world, getting pretty addicted to Fallout 2 as of late. ^_^ Anyways, nothing much today. Started playing as soon as I woke up (around 10 am), now we're going to KFC for my uncle's kid's birthday party. Mmm chicken... haven't eaten the whole day, been cutting down since I'm gaining weight. ^^;; I'm going to enjoy the food at that party... mwehehehe!

April 22, 2001 | Sunday
Another boring day. My older brother's fixing up his own comp now, and I had to pay him the price for a video card so I'm pretty much out of money for the rest of the summer. Oh well, guess I'll just have to sit around all day and play computer games... hmm, come to think of it, that's exactly what I'm doing right now! ^_^

April 23, 2001 | Monday
Just finished watching the music videos from the Best of Jpop 2 cd. Too bad they didn't have globe there, I'm thinking of buying the globe vcd they're selling over at Shop 88. Unfortunately, I don't have much money. Too bad real life isn't like Fallout 2... hehehe... :P

April 24, 2001 | Tuesday
Had a bit of trouble with a certain family member today, though it hasn't been resolved I don't think it would be too much trouble. Much. Fart just got himself grounded unfortunately, so that puts him out of the gaming scene right now. Anyways, I just bought some new speakers and had a bit of trouble setting them up, it turned out that I had it plugged in the wrong port. ^^;; It's working well now... and I'm playing jpop and anime mp3's with the bass turned up... sweet!

April 25, 2001 | Wednesday
Damn, I'm supposed to go out to virra mall and buy that Globe best collections vcd, but it seems like greenhills is crowded with damn rallyists. The police are trying to arrest the president right now, and those pro's are crowding the streets. I'm just hoping they get the thing over with so I can go out and buy my vcd.

April 26, 2001 | Thursday
I can't believe I've been playing Fallout 2 for how many weeks and still haven't finished it yet. Anyways, I just got some (fake) vcd's from virra mall, one of them is the globe tour and the other one is a compilation of globe music videos. Cost me a pretty penny but I'm happy. ^_^ All I need now is a real good screen capture program, the windows built in screen capture craps!

April 27, 2001 | Friday
I can finally say I'm getting somewhere in Fallout 2. I've reached the last stage, though I didn't really feel like finishing it up. My older brother's friend came over and brought his computer along, so we played a bit of Diablo 2 and Quake 3. Also, I tried to watch the globe vcd's I bought yesterday, but it screws up at some parts so I was forced to copy the whole damn video segment onto my hard drive. Whatever works I guess. ^_^

April 29, 2001 | Sunday
Seems like I missed out on another Ghostlog yesterday. Anyways, I finally finished Fallout 2 yesterday, the ending wasn't much but at least the game was good. ^_^ Here's my character info for anyone who wants to take a look, I just printed it today right after finishing the boss (and healing up :P). Now I'll be moving on to Fallout Tactics... hehe :P
I tried to install Fallout Tactics today, but I can't seem to get the item graphics to show up. I already copied the file spr-sprites_0.bos but still no change. I'm just waiting for my clanmate Mak to bring his comp here, so maybe I can copy the game from him.

April 30, 2001 | Monday
I edited the winamp icon and turned it blue. I've been working on icons the past few days, most of them are just "blueifications" of existing icons, namely icons of winamp, winzip, and Diablo 2. I'll be putting up the icons in the downloads page. Nothing else happening today, maybe I'll just work on my webpage.

May 2, 2001 | Wednesday
I was supposed to update the Ghostlog yesterday but there was a cockroach in the room so we sprayed it and we had to leave the room coz of the smell. Actually I don't really mind the smell of insect spray... or paint thinner... or gasoline, but my mom says it's poisonous and as you all know we have to do as mom says or we get in trouble. Anyways, yesterday I was just taking screenshots from some of the music videos I have on my comp. I'm thinking of putting them up on my webpage too, maybe in the next webpage update.
Today I'm not doing much at all, woke up around 12 noon and right now I'm just sitting around listening to some (old) Slayer mp3's. I just copied some Iron Maiden mp3's from a cd, which I'll listen to when I'm really bored.

May 4, 2001 | Friday
It's Survivor 2 conclusion day! I hope Keith wins, I kinda like chefs. Anyways, it seems like I missed out another Ghostlog yesterday. Yesterday we went out to Glorietta and I got to buy some new cd's at Music One. The place is pretty cool, they actually had some hard to find cd's there (namely Slayer and some Jpop cd's). Yesterday I was working on my wallpaper, it's finished now and I'm using it on my desktop. Speaking of which, I took a screenshot of my desktop which you can view here.

May 6, 2001 | Sunday
Seems like the Ghostlog is being updated every other day. Well, it's not that bad... at least anyone who's reading this won't get bored right? ^_^ Yesterday I didn't really do much. Actually, I didn't do anything at all. My family went out to megamall, then we ate at Mandarin Oriental. We got home late so I wasn't able to update anymore.
Today, I woke up around 12:30 noon and right after that me and FART! went out with my mom to UCC (some coffee place). We got home round 7 in the evening, so that pretty much wastes my entire day today. Damn, I... NEED... internet... access!!!

May 7, 2001 | Monday
I'm starting on a story right now, it's about a border war between heaven and hell. It's the only thing I can do to keep me from getting bored out of my guts! Anyways, if the story goes well I'll probably draw a comic for it too, but more or less it'll probably end up looking like Bastard!!, so maybe not. :P Also, I just updated the Writings page so if anyone's interested... I have some poems up there. Go read! ^_^

May 8, 2001 | Tuesday
I played Black & White for a few hours, though the game has good graphics I found the controls rather hard to cope up with. It's a nice game nonetheless, not better than Populous but interesting. Right now I'm back to being bored, I'll probably go around the house and scrounge up some food.

May 9, 2001 | Wednesday
Time goes by so slowly. Anyways, I was just taking a look through the mp3 files on my computer. Seems like I have a pretty cute collection. I wrote down a list of the mp3's I have in my Music folder, I'm quite aware that some of the songs seem to be "misplaced" (like prodigy in the metal folder) but like it like that. So anyways, if you're interested kindly click here. ^_^

May 10, 2001 | Thursday
I was just thinking, I guess I appreciate being able to do things and having something to show for it. Know what I mean? Like playing an RPG for a very long time and having a real kick-ass character (or group of characters) and having all sorts of stuff... and being able to show that RPG file to your friends as a proof of your lack of life. It's kinda cool in a way. Bah. Anyways, I'm just playing Fallout 2 again, my Fallout Tactics is incomplete so until I can find a complete copy... *shrug*.
Also, I finally finished a drawing I was doing to decorate my notebook next sem. It's rather messy, but I'll have it scanned and up on my webpage sometime before summer ends. ^_^

May 11, 2001 | Friday
Tomorrow my family's going to Subic Bay, and we'll be staying there til Monday afternoon. I'm going to be doing a written ghostlog while we're there, you readers would probably be interested in how many CRABS we're going to kill. Hehehe. Just kidding! Right now I'm just wasting my time playing some games and listening to mp3's. You people have got to be glad you're summer's not as boring as mine. :P

May 12, 2001 | Saturday
It took us around 5 hours to get to Subic because my parents had to stop by someplace. The weather here is shitty, rain everywhere. There's a billiard table here and arcades, I haven't checked out the games, I'll prolly do so later. One complaint I have here though is that they keep playing rap music... so right now I'm just listening to Glay on my cd player.
Hey, turns out there's a jacuzzi in the room! ^_^ Too bad I'm not into that stuff. It's quarter to midnight right now and I'm just sitting aroudn watching City of Angels on studio 23. Darn, I love that movie! ^_^ Oh yah, turns out the arcades close at 5 pm so I wasn't able to check it out earlier. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

May 13, 2001 | Mother's Day
It's 6:30 am right now, didn't get any sleep last night. Kept waking up for some reason, so I just laid back and listened to some cd's. ^_^ I'm bored right now so I'm just writing. Damn, wish I had Fallout 2 right now... :P
Well I went jet skiing earlier. When I was riding with my uncle we fell down 3 times, but at least we saw a couple of flying fish. ^_^ It's a LOT easier when you're alone. Also, I got sunburnt a bit coz the boat we were taking back to the club conked out and we had to wait for a tow. Me and FART! checked the "arcade" a bit later, turned out the video games they had were just consoles. The place was empty, too... rather depressing. Now I'm just going to try and catch up with the sleep I lost last night.

May 14, 2001 | Monday
We just checked out of the club and now I'm waiting in the car while my parents are at Duty Free. It figures that they'd do some last-minute shopping. Anyways, I munched a bit on this bagel I've been carrying around since friday. I wanna go home right away, I wanna play!
Finally home! ^_^ I went out and said hello to the doggies, and they did what was expected... scratch my arms til it was red. At least I get to play now! I don't think I wanna go through that weekend experience again. :P

May 16, 2001 | Wednesday
Hey I didn't even notice that it's wednesday already. I thought it was just monday yesterday. Guess I've been too occupied with playing, either that or my brain got sunburnt too hehehe. :P Anyways I've been playing Fallout 2 the past few days, I found out some end-game stuff that helped me get my character up to level 81. I'm still playing it to look for the special encounters and stuff, I want to get Dogmeat to join my party! ^_^

May 17, 2001 | Thursday
Fantasy-loving FART! actually started playing Fallout 2! And he said he doesn't like those kind of games... anyways, I've been making some mp3 play lists (got nothing else to do), and other than that I've been searching for those special encounters in Fallout 2. Boring life, *sigh*

May 18, 2001 | Friday
Haven't been doing too much today, just ate some more spicy SPAM fried rice. ^_^ I was just fooling around with my comp and getting rid of some unnecessary files. Also I've been mixing up some sounds. I'm listening to Heavy Gauge by Glay right now, I really like their sound, it's somewhat "heavier" than L'Arc~en~Ciel. Guess I'm into guitar distortions or something. :P

May 19, 2001 | Saturday
I'm not too happy right now because someone around here keeps farting in the gameroom and in our bedroom. And it's neither me nor FART! (though his name might imply it). Anyways, just bought a bunch of junk food, namely Twix and Yan Yan's. And we bought some rice crackers too, so I guess I'll be busy eating hehe! ^_^

May 20, 2001 | Sunday
Yay, 2 more weeks til school starts! I can't wait, I'm getting bored outta my guts here. Right now I'm just listening to some mp3's (as usual), I stuck all my mp3's into one huge playlist and made it play randomly. It's kinda amusing too, first it'll play a jpop song then it'll break out into a metal song. Then right after that... a love song. Hehehe... ^_^

May 21, 2001 | Monday
Nothing else to do so me and my brothers played a bit of Red Alert 2. I can't seem to get the hang of the game, I keep getting attacked by enemies and stuff plus I don't seem to have enough resources. And also I build reaaaally slow. Oh well. :\

May 22, 2001 | Tuesday
I watched Akira on AXN last night, and all I can say was... cool. It could have used more blood but the gore level was just right. Though I admit watching Tetsuo inflate like a human balloon was rather sick, it was pretty cool to watch. Right now I'm just sitting around playing mp3's (again), me and my younger brother just finished a 2 on 4 comp Starcraft game. We suck! :P Oh well, nothing a little practice can't fix right? ^_^

May 27, 2001 | Sunday
Dammit I haven't been to the gameroom in a few days and now it doesn't smell like fart, it smells like someone took a piss in here. Anyways, I haven't been able to update the Ghostlog cause me and FART! stayed over at my cousin's house for a few days. Here's a recap of what happened the past few days:

Thursday, May 23
Me and FART! went out with my 2 cousins to Glorietta, there we ate and walked around. We also stopped by Music One, I bought 2 cd's namely globe - relation and L'Arc~en~Ciel - heavenly. It was a pretty good find, considering how hard it is to find jpop cd's around here.

Thursday, May 24
We decided to sleep over at my cousin's house, we got there around 2 pm. We ate a bit, played with the playstay, and basically did nothing. We played Once Upon A Time (it's a card game) later at night, then me and FART! watched music videos. We actually caught a Slayer video playing on channel V! ^_^

Friday, May 25
We went out to the mall with my cousin and her mom, we walked around a bit and spent some time in the arcades. I saw a Street Fighter EX2 Plus arcade machine and played a bit, but I just got killed so... :P FART! and I also tried playing a couple of other games, House of the Dead 2 and Time Crisis 2. After the arcades we went around a bit more, I bought a new cd at Odyssey, namely Marilyn Manson - Holywood. Later on at night, we all went out to Don Henrico's to eat a late dinner. =)

Saturday, May 26
We pretty much did nothing on saturday, just sit around my cousin's room and read Archie comics. Later on we went home with my uncle, and we stopped by Starbucks for some vanilla frappuccino's. ^_^ When I got home my mom told us that we're going to check out some sort of promo by Globe Telecom, so we went over to Glorietta and took a look at the lame party going on. We ate at a japanese restaurant called Kamameshi House, then went home.

Today, May 27
I'm just doing the Ghostlog, I don't feel like doing anything so I'll probably just play Free Cell and listen to mp3's. Til next time! ^_^

June 2, 2001 | Saturday
Long time since last Ghostlog again! Anyways, last sunday me and FART! decided to go back to my cousin's house, and we stayed there til friday evening. I don't really remember what happened day-to-day, but here's a general summary of the stuff that happened. There was a time a bird flew into my aunt's room, me and FART! caught it after a while. We went out some, just bought a couple of g-tec pens. Oh yah, we played Dance Dance Revolution 3rd remix on the playstay, my younger cousin's pretty good at it. She could dance most songs in another mode plus some songs in ssr mode... she's gotten much better than me and FART! combined! ^_^ Well, that's pretty much what we did... can't say much coz we really didn't do much. Oh well. :P
Anyways, today I'm just ripping some of the cd's I haven't ripped yet. This'll probably be the last entry of the Ghostlog, classes are starting on tuesday already. Well, it's been fun writing this crap down! Ja, ne! ^_^

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