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Friends' Sites
Divine Knightssite for the Warcraft 3 clan I belong to :p
Neurocon Wingneuro's art site, his skill is at professional level and the art is a must-see!
Blue GrafittiCress Arche's art site. He used to be one of my Q3 clanmates, his cg'ing skill is awesome! ^_^

Games and Resources
Ragnarok Onlinehomepage for one of the cutest MMORPG's I've seen by far
Tabcrawlera great resource for guitar/bass tabs
mxtabs.netanother nice site for tabs, this one has a good variety of drum tabs
Bass Tab Archivejust as the name says :p
Bass101.coma great place for bassist and bass fanatics alike

Other Sites
Buhawithe UM arcade gamer's forum, and my current online hangout :p
PinoyExchangethe largest Philippine community forum around
Radical Radiancea pretty cool community for the Filipino Christian

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