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Latest News
April 7, 2002 | Topic: Eve of Destiny coming to Manila!
A Japanese industrial band, Eve of Destiny, is coming to Manila this April 12-13. They will be playing in Makati, and are accompanied by Japanese DJ Haruhiko Ash. Their coming is sponsored by the Manila goth scene, I'll be posting more info as soon as I learn more bout it. ^^ --Ghost

Previous News
April 6, 2002 | Topic: DLSU finals
DLSU's final exams are approaching, it seems as though they're the only school that's still open these days. Anyways the exams will begin on wednesday, April 10, and will conclude perhaps on April 15. Course cards will be given out on April 18 or 19. Also, there will be no classes on monday, April 8 for it has been declared a non-working holiday. That's it! --Ghost

February 21, 2002 | Topic: Glock's poem, "No Hate"
Glock's poem entitled "No Hate" has been chosen to be published in poetry.com's upcoming book, Under A Quicksilver Moon. I have a copy of his poem in the Writings section if you're interested in reading it. Congrats, Glock! ^_^ --Ghost

February 14, 2002 | Topic: King of Fighters 2001 at UM arcade
It's finally here, KOF2K1 has arrived at the UM arcade. Though the graphics are something left to be desired, the gameplay is pretty cool overall. No more cheap striker shit like in KOF2K, new characters, and super cancels make up for awesome gameplay. Plus, it only costs 5 pesos per play... all the more reason to take the trip to UM just to play ^_^ --Ghost

December 13, 2001 | Topic: DLSU finals, CvS2 at UM arcade, Yamaha
Today's the official start of DLSU's 2nd trimester finals, and will continue on until next week. There's been an announcement that finals will continue on as scheduled on monday, despite it being a holiday. Anyways, on to the next topic. The arcade in University Mall beside DLSU now has a CvS2 machine, although it's using a DC board at least players would be able to play using the joystick. And the best part of it is... it's only 5 pesos per play.

Also, there's a christmas sale at Yamaha this month. If you're interested in buying instruments, they have this "0% interest--pay on January 2002" promo. It's a nice season to buy a guitar. ^_^ --Ghost

December 1, 2001 | Topic: Harry Potter, MP3's
Seems like I've been neglecting this page a bit. ^^; The Harry Potter movie, based on the book series of the same name has been grossing out at the box office especially here in the Philippines. The movie is about an 11-year old Harry Potter whose wizard parents died while he was young, so he was sent to live with his uncle and aunt. Not knowing his arcane background, he was sent a letter when he turned 11 inviting him to a wizard's school called Hogwarts where he will be taught the arts of sorcery.
I haven't read the book on which the movie was based on, but according to some friends they claim that the book is a lot better than the movie. I found the film pretty interesting though, the special effects were well-strung and the movie had a "flow" which kept the audience from getting bored. Though I found some lines extremely corny (especially at the end part of the movie), it was enjoyable to watch and the language they used are reflective of the setting.

For mp3's there wouldn't be a greater place to find mp3's than Audiogalaxy. Audiogalaxy has some pretty good features (mp3 search engine, music hosting for artists) but what makes it stand out is the Audiogalaxy Satellite. This small program allows you to share and download off other AG Satellite users. Unlike programs like Napster, the Satellite requires the browser in searching for songs. Nevertheless, it's still an easy way to find and download the mp3's of your choice. --Ghost

September 8, 2001 | Topic: DLSU finals concluded, Quake 3 tourney, PEX party
Finals are finally over! Well, except for those who have finals today, but anyhow it'll soon be over for them too. ^^ Of course, that brings us to another day of fear and hardship... COURSE CARD DISTRIBUTION DAY! It's on this September 10, hopefully everyone passes their subjects (especially me... hehe...). ^_^
Also, there's going to be a Quake 3 tournameny hosted by PCGL on September 15. It'll be held in Robinson's Galleria, I'm not sure about the format but I heard you'll have to organize a team of 4 players. Also on September 15 is the PinoyExchange 2nd anniversary party... you can check for the details of the PEX party here. ^_^ --Ghost

August 23, 2001 | Topic: Floods
It's been a long while since I last reported. Anyways, it's been raining cats and dogs all the past few days. Classes were suspended last friday and today (thursday), and considering the fact that DLSU doesn't cancel classes much you can tell it's a pretty big thing. Anyways the rain's taking its toll on the ghosts too... I think I'm going to catch a cold or something. Sigh... --Ghost

July 14, 2001 | Topic: MP3's
Lately I've been surfing for mp3's and stuff, when a friend of mine in ICQ (you know who you are! ^_^) told me I could download it from mIRC. So, I logged onto dalnet, and went into channel #cable-pinoy-mp3. And lo and behold, I did find it easier to find the mp3's I was looking for. If you want to try it ouy, just type in @locator artist name/song name once you go into the channel. Have fun! ^_^ --Ghost

June 27, 2001 | Topic: Newspage, DLSU online enlistment
Hey, finally got to update the newspage! As you probably know, I wasn't able to update the page for a while because we lost internet access. Well, it's back up again and now I can ramble on... and on... and on... :P
This newsbit is about DLSU's new online enlistment feature. Instead of the usual claiming and filling of the enlistment form, students can now do it online and print the filled form out. You can check it out at http://my.dlsu.edu.ph/, students have to register though with their OR (Official Receipt) number. Cool feature though, it saves students the hassle of picking up a form. ^_^ --Ghost

February 25, 2001 | Topic: Quake 3 Art of War mod, (follow up) RP senators
A new mod is out for Quake 3, it combines teamplay with RTS (real time strategy) elements to make up a really... unique mod. The mod has 3 factions (kinda like the races in starcraft), and each faction have their own way of playing. The mod is still in its beta versions, so there are no new skins so far (hell, they call the Klesk an "Ice Troll"). You can check out the Art of War page for more info.

Follow up news: I just got an email about an interview with one of the senators running for office here in the Philipines. Here's the email I received:

Interviewed on "I-Witness" by Vicky Morales, Miriam replied, when asked how she felt about the public reaction to her "no" vote that fateful night of Jan. 16:

"Why should I be bothered by these Filipinos who are raising these protests against me? These same Filipinos who have not even stepped foot on Harvard or Oxford. I would be bothered if my professor in Cambridge were to take exception to my legal interpretation of a judicial matter."
"But to be bothered a Filipino who may not even know that a Harvard exists, who can't even pass the UP entrance test, who would'nt even understand discussions of such a high level even if they tried, why should I be bothered? Forgive me, but these Filipino people are just unanimously small insects and I don't have time really to deal with such inferior life forms!"

Hehehe, you can be sure that's one person who won't get voted! ^_^ --Ghost

January 26, 2001 | Topic: DLSU's servers, Quake 3 tournament
Seems like DLSU's internet servers are down all this week, it seems like the infotext service is down, too. They're probably tightening up security, but hopefully their servers would go online soon, I need to check PEX! ^_^

Also, the Nomad Tavern will be hosting its first ever Quake 3 1-on-1 tournament on Sunday, January 28. Not only will this tournament be a first for the Tavern, but it'll also be the first Quake 3 tourney held here in the Philippines. Click here for more details, for those interested registration will be held up to the start of the tourney. --Ghost

January 20, 2001 | Topic: Upcoming site updates
I haven't had time to update this webpage much, namely because of school and depression. Anyways, I'm back on the ball and I'm planning on a not-so-huge update this month. I'm still working on it, but there will be 3 new drawings plus around 20 or so old ones which I took from my old site to be placed here, for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure... hehehe ^_^). Also, I'll be adding a list of the .txt files I have in this page, which range from lyrics to email forwards. I'll be adding the stuff as soon as I can, so keep your eyes peeled! ^_^ --Ghost

November 23, 2000 | Topic: DLSU WISe, my doggy
DLSU has its own "Wireless Information Service"/Infotext service now, for Globe and Smart subscibers. Rather useful for anyone with a cellphone. Click here for the guidelines and procedures in using this new service.

As for other stuff, my dog "Spot" just died today. She had been in the hospital for around 2 weeks because of poisoning, one which was external (from food) and the other internal (from a puppy which was stuck in her uterus). I'll be posting a picture of her on this webpage sometime soon. *sniff*. --Ghost

November 12, 2000 | Topic: DLSU's cybernook, Counterstrike v1.0
I know I haven't updated the news in a while, just a bit busy these days and couldn't log onto the net much... which brings us to one of the topics in this news update today: DLSU's cybernook. The cybernook is a place in Lasalle's library with internet access, which unfortunately has been closed for a while. That's the place where I usually update this news page, so guess you guys know now why I haven't been able to update much ^^;;

As for that annoying camper's game known as Counterstrike, it's finally past its beta stages and CS 1.0 has finally been released. There's a new submachinegun, plus a new pistol and sniper rifle for the CT's. I haven't noticed anything new with the aiming, but the m3 shotgun shoots a bit faster now. That's bout it! ^_^ --Ghost

October 12, 2000 | Topic: Anime art contest
For those anime-style artists in the Philippines, here's something interesting for you all! ^_^ Animexplosion is holding an original character drawing contest, and I heard that first prize is P25,000... for more information on contest rules and submissions read this. --Ghost

September 30, 2000 | Topic: Sago drinks
I have recently received an email forward containing a warning towards the sago drinks sprouting across the Philippines. According to the forward, these drinks contain a lot of toxic chemicals which are harmful enough to cause conditions such as headaches, asmathic attacks, abdominal pains, breathing problems, and diarrhea among others. You can read a copy of the message by clicking here.

Personally though I think it's just a scare designed to ruin a successful business. Some of the "toxic chemicals" listed are actually common food preservatives. Anyways, I greatly doubt the validity of the claims written on the message, but there are some people who have experienced stomach pains after drinking this stuff. It's better be safe than sorry... just avoid these drinks altogether. --Ghost

September 22, 2000 | Topic: Gals and Guns
I'm sure everyone's noticed the boon in "(Half-Life) Counterstrike Centers" all over the place. Well, here in the Philippines anyways. Almost everywhere you look there's some LAN place filled with idiots camping with Arctics. One thing I find interesting though, that some of these campers are female. Ever since beta 6.5 came out, more and more girls have taken an interest in this game. Why? Maybe because their boyfriends invited them to play? Maybe because they want to meet more guys? Maybe because they like the violence? (Though I don't think many play for that reason) Anyways, here's my opinion on this interesting phenomena...

I remember talking with someone before about gaming (I forgot who, so don't ask). The topic switched to girls and games, and the guy told me that before his girlfriend learned to play C&C Red Alert just so that she could spend some time with him. She was good at it too, well, according to him anyways. A few months later though, when StarCraft came out he said that the girl was annoyed because all the time she devoted to learning how to play C&C was wasted. He told me that she doesn't play anymore.

You're probably thinking "this is all interesting, but what exactly are you getting at?" Well, think of it this way. There are a lot of gaming centers around nowadays, and the clientele consists of mostly... what? Monkeys? Close enough. The clientele consists mostly of guys, and of course some of these guys are BOUND to have a girlfriend. Taking a look at the example above, the girlfriends probably want to spend more time with their sweethearts so they learn to play.
Now this question comes into mind: "Why did the girls start playing just now? Why not during the times of beta 5.0 or during the times of StarCraft?"

Ahh, now this is where it all goes together:
HL: Counterstrike has been around for a long time now, and as mentioned in the beginning of this rather long essay, the boon in CS gaming centers around show that this game isn't going to die down soon. You've noticed this, I've noticed this, perhaps the girlfriends of the guys playing have noticed this too? Bingo. So I guess the girls figure that if they learn to play this game, they probably won't have to learn to play any other game for a long time. This is just an opinion of course, and this won't explain why single girls play. Maybe because it's a fad? Maybe because they want to meet guys? Or maybe because they enjoy seeing the bewildered faces of the guys when they find out they're being beaten by a girl? I don't know about them, but one thing's for sure... that's why I play. ^_^ --Ghost

September 11, 2000 | Topic: Urban violence
We were driving back home from the funeral parlor a couple of days ago when we saw that half the road was filled of people. As we drove past, there was some guy shouting across the street towards the "island" at the center of the road. I saw that some guy has taken a woman captive, and was using her to get across the street. I don't know what happened to the woman or the guy (we just drove past), but these kind of happenings are just a proof of the rise in urban violence today. --Ghost

September 6, 2000 | Topic: Rest and Relaxation
Finals are finally over so this means it's time to rest and relax... well, for a week anyways. There are a lot of new games on the PlayStation, and what's a better time to play than now? With games like Chrono Cross, Tenchu 2, and Final Fantasy 9 (coming out a bit later), I think this sem break will be a busy one for all of us. ^_^ --Ghost

September 4, 2000 | Topic: Fucked up day
Arrgh I thought this would be a good day... I woke up (kinda) early just to prep myself up for my exam at 1pm, when suddenly one of my friends texted me with the message "no classes!". DAMN!!! I was studying all day (well, almost all day) yesterday for the finals and they had to move it!!! Grr.
Anyways, I had a hard time finding the online broadcast in the DLSU site namely because I had to go clicking on the links above and below the flash intro. Anyways, just click on "SKIP INTRO" to get to the main page, or better yet just bookmark the main page... that's what I did. ^_^ --Ghost

September 2, 2000 | Topic: DLSU website renewed!
They renewed the format for the DLSU website! Wow, after a long time, too! Unfortunately though, the site uses a lot of graphics, and even though I was logged on using the DLSU server, the site still fucking lagged! Hmm, maybe it's just the crappy computers they have here. Oh well. --Ghost

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