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NOTE: WinZip is required to view the files. If you don't have WinZip, download it HERE

Utilities / Shareware
ws_ftp32.zip.....547 KB | FTP utility for Windows 95 and above
ssplit.zip.....267 KB | File splitting utility for Windows
steamtab.zip.....120 KB | calculator for steam and water properties - new

Game/Game related files
ghostdm17.zip.....657 KB | Quake 3 demo, recorded 01/24/01
neogeo.zip.....54.5 KB | NeoGeo BIOS file for emulators - new
railcolors.cfg.....My railgun color script! ^_^ Read bugs for details
scavplus.zip.....133 KB | Scavengers Plus - my modified StarCraft map
winkawaks138.zip.....401 KB | Kawaks v1.38, NeoGeo/CPS emulator - new

checomp.zip.....1.93 KB | c++ programs for runge-kutta, newton's method, and gauss elimination - new
engcomp_ex.zip.....7.50 KB | c++ exercises from engcomp
ohms_law.zip.....68.6 KB | report on Ohm's law for pyenla2 - new
project_pas.zip.....2.28 KB | my old hs programming project (pascal) - new
stdymagfield.zip.....84.2 KB | report on steady magnetic fields for pyenla2 - new
sugar.txt.....6.47 KB | report on sugar refining - new

chencounter.zip.....12.6 KB | an unused invitation template - new
ghosticons.zip.....12 KB | my own collection of icons, includes a globe icon
gameicons.zip.....6.77 KB | assorted Quake3 icons and 1 Diablo2 icon
utilicons.zip.....1.75 KB | edited winzip and winamp icons
sgmwallp.zip.....26.5 KB | the shotgun mafia wallpaper

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