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CG.....(in the Drawings section) refers to drawings colored via computer
Fox-lover.....In chinese myth, known to bestow good fortune upon their human lovers. Also known as Kitsune
Hentai.....Japanese for "pervert"
KOF.....The King of Fighters, an arcade fighting game created by SNK
LSS....."Last Song Syndrome"
Nemesis.....The goddess of retribution
Sacrosanct.....Word meaning "extremely holy"
SGM.....The Shotgun Mafia... my gaming clan ^_^
Yggdrasil.....The tree of life, from Norse Mythology

Athena.....Athena Asamiya, character from KOF [ view ]
Blue Mary.....Character from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series [ view ]
Chun-Li.....Character from the Street Fighter series [ view ]
Dizzy.....Character from the Guilty Gear X and GGXX [ view ]
Ellone.....Character from Final Fantasy 8 [ view ]
Iori Yagami.....Character from KOF, hates Kyo Kusanagi [ view ]
K'.....Pronounced "kay dash", character from KOF [ view ]
Kairi.....Character from the Street Fighter EX series [ view ]
Kuja.....The effeminate antagonist from Final Fantasy 9 [ view ]
Kula.....Kula Diamond, from KOF. First appeared in KOF 2000 [ view ]
Kyo Kusanagi.....Character from KOF, mortal enemy of Iori Yagami [ view ]
Mai Shiranui.....Character from KOF and Fatal Fury [ view ]
Rinoa Heartilly.....Main character from Final Fantasy 8 [ view ]
Rock Howard.....Character from Garou: Mark of the Wolves [ view ]
Shermie.....Character from KOF 98 [ view ]
Squall Leonheart.....Main character from Final Fantasy 8 [ view ]

Game Commands
Quake 3 Arena performance
If you find your Q3 performance a bit choppy, use the following console variables to help speed up your Quaking:
      cg_gibs "0" - turns off the flying body parts
      cg_drawgun "0" - removes the gun from the screen
      cg_lagometer "0" - removes the lagometer
      cg_shadows "0" - turns off shadows

Also, turning off dynamic lights (cg_dynamiclight "0") and turning simple items on (cg_draw3dIcons "1") will help improve game speed a bit.

Quake 3 Arena trick jumping
To be able to do trick jumps (or just jump higher), you should need high framerates. Use the command "com_maxfps 0" to disable maximum framerates, and use the commands above to help speed up your game. Then you should be able to do some pretty interesting jumps. ^_^ * thanks to GrZ-Magus for the info!

Half-Life: CounterStrike run/strafe
If you can't seem to strafe while running, type the following commands:
      cl_sidespeed 32000
      cl_forwardspeed 32000
      cl_backspeed 32000

Half-Life: CounterStrike server problems
This works for LAN networks only. If you're having trouble connecting to a server (you get disconnected while trying to connect), go to the console then type "slist". The command will give you a list of servers. To connect to a server, type "connect #" where # is the number of the server you wish to connect to.

If you have trouble creating a game (the screen seems to be stuck while the map's loading), press ESC to go back to the Join Game screen. From there click on Resume Game.

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