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This section would basically be a "discovery zone" where I'll be (remote) linking various images I've found around the net. These can be anything from humor, to art, to pictures... anything I find interesting.

On a side note, I didn't bother asking whoever owns the images permission to post them on the site. First of all it's because I'm lazy, second I'm not really "using" the pics for my own purpose, and third I placed the owner's contact information and site under the pic anyway. If there are any problems with this though, please email me.

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05.20.03 ... original art

.. Artist: Laine | Site: Tasty Graphite ..

With the proliference of anime and manga art on the net, it's nice to see realistic drawings once in a while. This drawing impressed me for 2 reasons: first is coz I like parrots, and second is because her shading simply kicks ass.

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05.18.03 ... valentines original art
Artist: Chun (professional artist)
Site: puppy52.com

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