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This page is subdivided into 2 sections. Under Compiled Texts I've placed a collection of interesting poems, writings, or texts which I've collected from books and/or the internet.

Under Stuff by the CTS Crew, other than my own mediocre writings you'll find miscellaneous poems, stories, and articles written by friends which I've decided to place here (with permission of course). It's a shame to have their talents go to waste. :)
For more information regarding the contributors, you can check the Site Info page.

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Poems and Other Stuff
Red Roses - cute poem about a widow
The Man in the Glass - one of my favorite poems
Invictus - the poem by William Ernest Henley
Paradise Lost (exerpt) - Lucifer's famous line
Samurai Creed - the Samurai Creed

From the email
What Tree Did You Fall From? - the title says it all
Just Too Smart - about an experiment using bees and flies
Famous Quotes - amusing quotes from famous people
Confucius Says... - read it and find out
25 Secrets of Endless Love - an email forward
10 Ways to Marry the Wrong Person - holds nice insights, applicable to relationships
A Rhose, by Any Other Name... - an article on Philippine names
Definitions - humorous definitions of certain words

Miscellaneous Texts
Tetsuya Komuro Biography - for those who want to know more about TK
A Little Omniscience... - a conversation between God and Satan, by Thomas Davis
Monosodium Glutamate - information on that overused food additive

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Stories, Writings, Articles
The Journey - A person's journey to learn of the truth
Economy through Pooh - using Winnie the Pooh to explain marketing, by Pyxis
Window to the Soul - a mini-essay on the "window to the soul"
Echoes of the Mind - by Shadowdawn

Fanfiction - Legend of the 5 Rings
Revenge of the Scorpions - The Scorpion Clan takes revenge against the Unicorns
Rokugan Coup - The Weatherlight crew vs. the united forces of Rokugan
Insult to Injury - Matsu Gohei attacks the Naga's temples

Poems and Prose
Seeking Home - a poem about a person dreaming of another country
Epilogue - kinda like a goodbye poem
Free Me - something like an "asking for love" poem
Needless - a poem about how much love sucks
Past Aside - a poem about a new beginning
Surrender - a poem bout the hazards of drug addiction
Graymalkin Lane - by graymalkin
Fall of Moon - the beckons of a dying person - new

No Hate - one of my fav poems by Glock
The Eleventh Hour - by Glock
Unwanted Sentience - by Glock
My Renaissance - by Skywolf
If You Only Knew - by graymalkin
Climbing Mountains - by Hyperion
Mirage of Melancholy - by Hyperion

Love Is - what I think of love
Thanks - it's all about letting go...
Religion - something about atheism

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