Profile: ako_ay_cute
ICQ number: 126616259

Real name: ....uhhh, can't tell u 'bout it, ryt now!.. (sikwet.. ^_^')

Also known as: LadyBlackPearL, sailor_uranus (u could also call me renata, or ren, 4 short. .^_^.

Age: i'm now officially a debutante since my last b-day. (i'm now 21)

Birthday: ....uhhh, sikwet din!!! ^_^' (later na lang siguro... ^_^')

Zodiac sign:

Nationality: Filipino

Race: i feel like a mongrel, ryt now. hehehe! j/k!

Civil Status: single (lang, ha! hehehe... )

Occupation: ryt now, i basically spend time as a frustrated cartoonist/artist :) as well as an undercover freelance heartbreaker/ballsmasher extraordinaire...NYAHAHAHA!

Religion: basically, i was born catholic, but i really don't know much about now. ^_^ you could say i'm a bit of a semi-atheist, though i guess there's still a bit of my christian roots remaining in myself. (man, i wanna go to a tagalog mass! ^_^)


things i basically hate:

i like people who are: nice, smart, have a lot of sense to talk to (sense of humor, included ^_^), are fun to be with, whom i could share a lot of things in common with, who are cheerful (pwede na rin siguro! :D), who could even be happy to show me around to a lot of places & things i have never ventured before, who are non-intimidating, kind, honest, & understanding, broad-minded about anything & everything at the same time, & most of all, friendly!.... :)

& i don't like people who are: mayabang, maarte, jerks, chauvinist pigs, b*tchy sluts, narrow-minded people, mga pakialamera/pakialamero, tsimosa't tsismoso, at usisera't usisero (even though they don't even give a f*ck about your lyf), people who are downright stupid, hypocrites, mga plastik, mga utak-talangka, mahilig mang-discriminate, rude people, lamers, pasikat, presko, suplado't suplada at nakakailang, "holier-than-thou" kind of people, mga *****, mga pa-epal, & most of all, lechers, lotharios, playboys, & satyromaniacs of any sort. ^_^

any last words: i'm basically a very complex human being. (na 'feeling moogle nga lang! kupo! :laugh:) the thing is people usually see only one facet of my entire being. i'm actually so complex, sometimes even i myself find my own self too complicating for me to understand. ^_^ what you're seeing in me ryt now is only the tip of the iceberg.

'yun lang!

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