Original Character Drawing Contest


1. The competition is strictly for the development of original character designs. Any fan art entry will automatically be disqualified.

2. The competition will be divided into 2 categories

  1. Non-professional/ Amateur category (must be at least 13 years Old).
  2. Professional category (must be at least 18 years old / with current or previous work experience in any visual arts- related firm).

3. There will be 3 winners in every category.

4. All entries must use a 9x12 drawing paper (Oslo size paper) and must follow the following format.

  1. Page 1 must show the entry character in full figure, full color, and full action pose presentation. Entry sender has the choice of sending of what coloring material (watercolor, poster color, digital color, etc.) to use. Paper orientation for page one must be vertical (portrait orientation) with the character drawn at approximately nine inches in height.
  2. Page 2 must show the entry character in full turn around and in black and white. A full turn around is a series of drawings showing the character in front view, quarter view, side view, and back view. Use of black ink pen instead of pencil is recommended to prevent accidental or malicious erasures on submitted work. Paper orientation for page two must be horizontal (landscape orientation) with the character drawings at approximately five inches in height.

5. The entry sender must refrain from writing or signing his name in the entry. Any special codes or markings that may reveal the identity of the sender must also be avoided as this could mean automatic disqualification of the entry. The Organizing committee shall make a standardized numbering system on the drawings to ensure impartiality in the judging process.

  1. All entries must be submitted with an attached one page bio data of the sender to the Animexplosion organizing committee secretariat located at the following address :
  2. Artfarm Animation and Digital Exchange

    Liberty center, Shaw boulevard

    Mandaluyong city, Philippines.

  3. Entries can be submitted in person or by traditional mail (snail mail) E-mail entries will not be honored
  4. Cash prizes and trophies await the six winners (3 winners per category).
  5. Deadline of entries: 10:00 PM. October 24, 2000.
  6. A panel of judges composed of local animation directors from A.C.P.I. member studios shall conduct a preliminary elimination round and choose the 25 best entries for each category.
  7. All entries will be on display at the Megatrade hall. 5th floor of the SM mega mall Mandaluyong city from the 3rd to the 5th of November with the names of the top 50 entry senders at the Exhibit area.
  8. All entries shall become the property of the A.C.P.I.
  9. A team composed of our invited Japanese manga creators/ Editors and Anime directors during the festival shall conduct final judging. Criteria are as follows :
  10. ORIGINALITY= 60%



    TOTAL= 100%

  11. Announcement of winners shall be made on November 3 at 6 PM. At the Mega trade hall during the final day of the 3 day festival.
  12. Only after a 30-day contestability period shall cash prizes be awarded.
  13. In any event that any of the winning entries was fraudulent or mis-categorized professional entry categorized by the sender under amateur category, the prize and trophy shall be revoked and shall automatically go to the next highest rated entry.