Writer: Kryides Ghost

The Journey

I was walking in a forest in the shadows of death, seeking fervently for an exit; turning this way and that but everywhere I turn I see no end to the dark trees... the souls of the many people who have succumbed.

For a while I was tempted, to take root and to join those who have left life before me, but something in me told me to keep moving. Not heeding the beckoning of the end, something kept me moving on...

I didn't know what I was searching for, but one thing I knew is that I wanted to leave this wretched forest. Voices are calling out to me, inviting, calming, seducing, but I ignored them all and found at last what I searched for...

Outside the forest lay a huge wall, guarded by flames and wings; beings I have only heard of in tale stood before me blocking the path to eternity. For a while I stood, not knowing what to do, fearing that a movement would betray my position and call these beings upon my flesh. But I saw one of them looked towards me... then beckoned me to come.

I walked towards the light, the flames, the wings; and I was swept away faster and farther through the heavens than I could ever imagine... then suddenly, I was there.

There, a place where everything becomes nothing, and in becoming nothing becomes everything. That was where I spoke to HIM...

HE told me that I was given a chance... a chance not given to many... a chance to see the World of Creation for a second time. I eagerly accepted, and as fast as I came I was gone.


I found myself lying upon the shore of some unknown coast, the waves were rolling over my body but strangely enough I feel nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not the winds, nor the seas, nor the cold came to me... at first I was frightened but slowly I understood the gift that was given to me.

I jumped into the waves, and swam below where the fishes and the dolphins played. Everything was peaceful down here... tranquil... serene... all moved in harmony with one another, remniscent of the scenes which flashed before my eyes as I was being transported to HIM.

I spoke to one of the seafolk, a playful dolphin who was frolicking upon the waves.

This is what I said:
"If you have time, friend of the sea, I ask if you would grant me this plea; I see you swim front the vessels of man, is it to please the king of the land?"

And this was the dolphin's reply:
"My friend, you must be mistaken. We swim not to pleasure nor to please, rather we swim as a service to the life of the seas. The vessel's wake upon which we ride is a hazard to all beneath the tides."

Then the dolphin sang its song, and all was darkness.

When I awoke again it was to the beat of the eagle's wings. I looked up at it and found myself on top of a high cliff. Looking below, I saw hunters killing animals. Animals of all shapes and sizes... being killed for their bodies...

The eagle looked upon me with it's deep eye, and this is what it said: "I am the eagle, guardian to all, seeker of justice, lord of the skies, called to watch all, strong nor weak escapes naught my eyes. I am to watch and to oversee the balance of nature, to make sure the balance falls not to thee."

With that, the eagle carried me off in its powerful claws and set me down among the hunters. Then it said:
"The overseer has plans for you. Speak to them, and you'll know what to do."

I stood up and found myself in front of the men... the murderers of nature. I walked up to one, the leader perhaps, but he seemed to notice me not. I did the same with the rest, but they all looked past me as if I was not there...

Then I heard a voice talking to me. I turned around, and saw the hunters' dog, looking towards me with it's soulful eyes...

This is what I said to it:
"The one who rules all have called me to ask, to gain knowledge of the present, and perhaps learn of the past. For your species have long been under the rein of the humans who use you though not for your gain. Why is it though that you do not fight for the freedom that is your very right?"

The dog replied:
"I was born and raised by my docile mother, she herself raised by the humans tither. We seek their love amidst their acts of hell, for fear of respite we dare not rebel."

And then the dog lied down, and died on the spot. I looked closely, and saw the wounds that the hunt had inflicted on it...


I awoke once more, this time upon a riverbed. There were people around, and they seemed to be following someone... someone who wore a robe of rags and a crown of thorns...

I remembered my lessons back then and knew that this one was the one they called the "savior of humanity". I looked at him, and knew right away that there was nothing special about him, except for the intelligence and cunning that was probably the reason why all these people revered him as some kind of "god".

He preached to them about a place where people would go when they die, if only they worshipped him. He played with their fear of the unknown, using an old name in a story and making it into something "real" though "unseen"... then he threatened them with a place of fire that would engulf them if they do not follow. I thought the people would turn away, but they didn't. Instead, they listened to him and pleaded for him to tell them more...

Darkness engulfs me once more, and this time I find myself more into the future. A future of war, of conflicts that started because of "he" who deluded the humans in the past. People no longer became independent, instead they grew weak and left everything to "him", they no longer took defeat and used it to improve themselves, but instead they left their lives to he who was the cause of the fall of humanity.


I was back in front of the Throne, facing HIM once more. HE asked me what I have learned from my journey of understanding, and I sadly looked down upon the ground. HE nodded, for HE knew what I was thinking. HE asked me to tell HIM what I thought of Creation. Of the world that the one we call "god" had created.

I spoke:
"The "god" that would allow these kind of things must be himself a cruel, lifeless being who says he cares for his "likenesses", "creations", just using the humans he cares not if destruction is the result of his, through his offsprings, doing; I know what he does is not the right thing; If I was an angel I'd rather fall than serve this traitor who deluded us all.
Why should we be tools for destroying earth? Why should we teach the children from birth to worship some god who allows these things? A song of destruction is all he sings."

HE who sat on the Throne nodded.

I found myself back in the forest of the shadows of death, sated, satisfied, knowing all that there is to know. I no longer searched for an exit, neither was I bothered by the wailing voices around me. I closed my eyes and felt myself taking root, transforming into a tree. Not a dark tree, but a golden one filled with the light of the truth.

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