Writer: Kryides Ghost

Revenge of the Scorpions

Bayushi Goshiu was talking with Kachiko during a cool spring in Rokugan. The trees were blossoming in the courtyard as the two Scorpions discussed their tactics.
"How about making the Dragons attack the Unicorns?" Goshiu asked. "Nah..." Kachiko responded. "Lions and the Unicorns?" "Nope." "Crabs and the Unicorns?" Kachiko gave Goshiu a questioning look. "What's with you and the Unicorns?" Goshiu sighed. "Well... Otaku Kamoko trampled on my coloring book..."
Kachiko burst into a fit of laughter. "Coloring book?!" Goshiu started mumbling something about hairpins when Kachiko looked at him. "What did you say...?" "Nothing."
Suddenly, Yogo Asami burst into the courtyard. "Help!!!" Both Goshiu and Kachiko stood up. "What?" Asami fell to her knees and started sobbing. "What?" Goshiu and Kachiko asked again. "Shinjo Yasamura took my tamagotchi!" Asami turned into a fit of sobs and coughs. Kachiko rolled her eyes as Goshiu raised his fist. "This has gone too far! They must pay!" "And what do you plan to do?" Kachiko asked. Goshiu smiled. "We'll find a way. Trust me."

Otaku Kamoko was examining her steed when she noticed that her mount's hooves were splattered with paint. "Now where did these come from...?" Suddenly, she heard some electronic beeps and loooked up to see Shinjo Yasamura approach. He seemed to be occupied with something. "What's that?" Kamoko asked. Yasamura said nothing. She peered over his shoulder to se a plastic egg with an LCD screen. Kamoko sighed and led Yasamura's horse towards the Unicorn estate.

Goshiu carried a box into the Scorpion's planning room. Already, Kachiko, Asami, Soshi Bantaro, Bayushi Tangen, adn Bayushi Aramoro were waiting. "In this box," Goshiu said, "Is the key to getting rid of those Unicorns." Kachiko looked into the box and smiled. "I shall call the Ninja Shapeshifters at once."

Night has fallen throughout Rokugan, and everyone was getting ready for a night's rest. Everyone, that is, except a group of Scorpions sneaking around the Unicorn estate. "So," Aramoro said, "Let's make this quick." 4 Asamis nodded in response. The group snuck into the Unicorn estate, and after an hour, quietly made their exit. Asami smiled. "Now, we wait for the morning."

Morning came, and the Scorpion army awaited just outside the Unicorn's estate. Electronic beeps filld the morning air, as the Unicorns found the "gift" given to them by the Scorpions. "Tamagotchis", Goshiu smiled. Aramoro grinned. "Attack!" The Unicorns were too pre-occupied with their new toys that they didn't notice the Scorpion army until it was too late. "Revenge is sweet." said Goshiu. "Indeed," responded Asami. "Now, where's my tamagotchi?"

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