Writer: Kryides Ghost

Rokugan Coup

Gerrard of the Weatherlight sat on stern and looked at the passing view. "Ahhh..." he said, "This is the life!" Mirri plopped down next to him and smiled. "How about travelling to Llanowar?" Gerrard smiled back. "We'd better ask Sisay first!" Just then, Sisay appeared. "We're travelling to the Kjeldoran Outpost just near the Terisiare plain." Both Gerrard and Mirri's faces fell. "Awww..."

Hours later, on the plains near the outpost...

"Our ship's broken!" Squee yelled. Both Hanna and Ertai were examining the ship's engines. Ertai picked up a small piece of metal shaped very much like a shuriken. "What's thi... ack!" Ertai fell to the ground, his eyes bulging and tongue sticking out. Squee looked at the mage, and kicked him between the legs. "No reaction." Just then, Orim ran into the room. "We're being attacked! Gerrard's been killed!" Both Hanna and Squee cheered. Orim hit them both on the head and dragged them out of the room. On the deck of the Weatherlight, Gerrard's body lay bloated and was covered with what seemed like 20 shurikens, all dripping green liquid. Hanna gasped. "That's the same thing that killed Ertai!" Sisay, Mirri, Crovax, and Karn looked at Hanna. "Ertai's dead?! Hooray!" Hanna had a blank look on her face, then hit the heads of her companions. "Weirdos." Just then, there was a shout just outside the Kjeldoran Outpost. "What was that...?" Sisay asked. The shout was followed by a second shout. "Indians?" Crovax asked. Suddenly, a third shout was heard and the crew of the Weatherlight were thrown off their feet as the ship capsized and fell on it's side.

Toturi, Hida Kisada, Hida Yakamo, Otaku Kamoko, and Togashi Hoshi stood in front of the Weatherlight crew. Behind them were the combined forces of the 6 Great Clans, the Yoritomo Alliance, the army of Toturi, the Scorpion ninjas and the Naga's forces all waiting to slaughter the poor Magic characters. Toturi raised his blade, and shouted, "For Rokugan, and all CCG's on Earth!" The roar of the army muffled the death screams of the Weatherlight crew as the forces of Rokugan smashed the Weatherlight (and all things that go with it) to pieces.

Meanwhile, the soldiers posted on the Kjeldoran Outpost shivered in fear. "What... what are we gonna do? Is... this the end of Magic...?" The soldier heard a scream from behind him and turned to see his companions trampled by a zillion ashigaru. The peasants of Rokugan grinned. "It sure is!"

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