Writer: Kryides Ghost

Insult to Injury

Matsu Gohei, along with the Matsu House Guard, was travelling towards the Naga's temples. He was accompanied by the Lion Historian, Ikoma Kaoku. "Today," Gohei told his companion, "I shall become a hero in the histories of the Lion!" Kaoku bowed. "Whatever you say." Gohei spotted his frist target: Shalasha. "Charge!" Gohei yelled, and he along with the Matsu House Guard trampled on the scout. "...Gohei killed a Naga scout..." wrote Kaoku. "Come on!" Gohei exclaimed, "Can't you make that better?" Kaoku looked at Gohei, then wrote, "Matsu Gohei of Clan Lion heroically intercepted the evil plans of a Naga spy." Gohei smiled. "Much better!"

Meanwhile, at the Naga Temple, Shahadet and his legion were training. Radakast then slithered in, carrying a rock with a message on it. He showed the rock to the Naga Warlord, who examined it carefully. Shalasha was trampled on by Gohei. Shahadet threw down the rock in rage. "This is an abomination!" he yelled. Radakast nodded, then said, "Yes I agree. They could have used a better looking rock." Shahadet hit the constrictor on the head. "Idiot."

Gohei was fast approaching the Naga's hidden temples. He suddenly heard a rustle in the bushes. Signalling for the House Guards to get ready, Gohei took out his bow and arrows and took aim. "Show yourself!" Gohei yelled. Out popped Isha with a lot of Naga followers. Isha took, aim, then said, "Surrender or I'll destroy you!" Gohei laughed. "Hah! You do not have enough arrows to kill me!" Just then, 17 Naga bowmen appeared from behind Isha. Gohei stopped laughing. "That's not funny." Isha smiled. "Oh yes it is. Now retreat!" Gohei kept his bow and brought out his sword. "Never!"

Isha had no action, so Gohei called forth the strength of his Purity. Two of Isha's bowmen cut down the Matsu House Gaurd. Gohei again called forth his Purity. Isha's army was still slightly stronger, so he let the Lion be. Then Gohei's last move: he raised his sword in one hand, raised his spear in the other, then shouted out, "CHARGE!!!" Just as Gohei shouted out that word, Isha pointed his bow at Gohei and said, "Face the might of the Naga! Stand Against the Waves!!!" All of a sudden, the Naga army rushed at the lion. A bewildered look appeared on Gohei's face, then he shouted, "You win!" Isha's army smiled, and Kaoku was rolling on the floor laughing. Embarassed, Gohei started back towards the Lion's Ancestral home, followed by a hysterical Kaoku.
"Next time...", Gohei said, "I'll attack the Crane!"

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