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For those who don't want to read through descriptions, I've decided to put up a thumbnail gallery. I've only placed the drawings which I think aren't a waste of time to look at (I admit I have a LOT of crappy art in my Drawings page), and I may not be updating this gallery much. But at least it gives you a general overview of my style :P

Image information can be found under the thumbnails. To return to my text-only drawings page, click here.

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elvengirl_cg.jpg.....an elven girl with sparse clothing
catcolor.jpg.....a drawing I did for Eternity.DK :D
trenchangel.jpg.....a male angel wearing a trenchcoat
walkingangel.jpg.....nekkid female angel with her back turned
cat2.jpg.....another nekkid cat girl for Eternity.DK ^_^

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beastling.jpg.....b&w | a little critter
beastfem.jpg.....b&w | female water demon of sorts
datenshi.jpg.....b&w | a request from someone named Jodi, her own character
felangel.jpg.....b&w | an angel who chose to fall
dkgal2.jpg.....b&w | female DK sitting around

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bluemary.jpg.....b&w | Blue Mary kneeling down
kflame_cg.jpg.....K' with his hand flaming
dizzy.jpg.....color | a drawing of Dizzy from Guilty Gear X/XX
chunli-color.jpg.....Chun Li looking over her shoulder (Street Fighter series)
chunparry.jpg.....my rendition of Chun Li parrying -> kick (super)

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