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  Past Updates 2002-2003
February 23, 2003 | Recommended song: Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Couple of new art in the Drawings section, one is scrap art and the other a hentai angel. I moved the 2 hentai angels from under the "Special" heading to the "Alternate" heading, just so I won't have to place the red [hentai alert] tag... saves a few bytes when loading the page. :p
Recommended song for the week, month, whatever is "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence... for those who haven't heard it it's from the DareDevil soundtrack. Cool song, gives me the chills when I hear it hehe. ^_^ --Ghost

February 15, 2003 | scrap art galore
Plenty of scrap art this update (around 3 of them), kinda tells you what I like to do in class, eh? :p Anyways hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's day, for those who didn't there's also a couple of new hentai drawings to... let it all out on. *grin* --Ghost

FOLLOW-UP UPDATE: (February 16)
Uploaded a poem by graymalkin over at the Text/Writings section, almost forgot about it hehe. Sorry graymalkin! ^^;;

February 9, 2003 | DK art! :p
I uploaded some of the drawings I've been doing for my warcraft clan, you can check them out over in the Drawings section. I placed them under a new heading (Special), under which I'll be placing gift art, collabs, and drawings I did for other people. :p --Ghost

February 1, 2003 | pencil crayons!
I tried coloring with pencil crayons again after a long time, don't think it turned out that bad. ^_^ Check it out: foxgirl.jpg :p
On a side note, I just noticed that my 2003 entries were still dated 2002. ^^;; Fixed it up, everything's up to date now ^_^ --Ghost

January 11, 2003 | new art
Just 1 new art for this update, ruby.jpg. It's a pretty plain drawing so dont expect much... I just colored the wings red with photoshop hehe. ^^;; --Ghost

January 5, 2003 | Sky
Was bored last nite so I decided to take a picture of my teddy bear. I personally think he has the makings of a rock star. ^_^ --Ghost

December 31, 2002 | 2 new art
Just a short update today, 2 new doodles over at the Drawings section. One is a male angel (b&w) while the other is an older drawing (namely scrap-6.jpg, the archer) which I decided to color (scraparcher.jpg). Hope you like it, happy new year to all ^^ --Ghost

2 new tunes by ako_ay_cute over at the Ringtones page, Sakura Drops and Hikari by Utada Hikaru. Talented girl. ^_^

December 27, 2002 | New title page!
For those who don't know, I finally came up with a new title page for the site. It takes less loading time than my previous title page(s), so if you haven't seen it yet go take a look! Also, here's a larger version of the title dragon if you're interested in looking. ^_^ --Ghost

December 14, 2002 | Scrap art baybeee!
Since I haven't had time to draw any -decent- artwork, I decided to post some miscelaneous doodles here. :p scrap-8.jpg is another typical angel-scrap artwork (you'd notice that most of my "scrap" art are angels), while a couple others -- ntbk-1.jpg and ntbk-2.jpg -- are notebook sketches of goth characters (they were drawn back-to-back hence the smudged part). Sorry bout the lines, can't get rid of them. ^^;; Anyhow hope you like it! ^^ --Ghost

December 4, 2002
Whew its been a while since my last update, been really busy with school and... umm... warcraft 3 hehehe. Anyways this update there's 2 new poems in the Writings section by Hyperion (contact info still not up tho). Also, I fixed a broken link (tkbio.txt) in the features section... thanks to Hyperion for bringing it to my attention. ^^ --Ghost

September 9, 2002
New drawing over at the Drawings section (it's a fanart of Dizzy from the GGX/XX series), plus I fixed up the Text/Writings section a bit. I also uploaded a couple of stuff I got in the email, as well as added some more characters in the Misc. Info section. ^_^ --Ghost

September 4, 2002 | Sem break at last!
It's finally sem break at DLSU, but I've been hooked on Warcraft 3 lately so I still haven't been updating as often as I should have. Not that there's anything much to update with. For this update I have a new drawing over at the Drawings section (Chun-Li fanart), plus a couple of comic strips over at the Comics page. Check them out! ^_^ --Ghost

August 23, 2002 | Recommended song: TRUSTcompany - Downfall
Quite a bit update today! I added a new section (Contact Info) which you can see under the "Site Information" tab over to the left. It basically contains a list of all the CTS contributors. Other than that I have 3 new drawings up over at the Drawings section, plus there's something new over at Writings section (Echoes of the Mind by Shadowdawn). You gotta read it, I tell you it's da shit! Anyways hope you enjoy this update! ^_^ --Ghost

August 12, 2002
Man, been really busy with school nowadays since the finals are fast approaching. Anyways a friend of mine graymalkin submitted a really nice mushy poem, you can check it out over at the Text/Writings section. I also uploaded some drawings, nothing much really... 2 scrap arts and an Orochi Iori (which took me around 10 mins to pencil, ink, and color so it pretty much sucks). Enjoy! :p --Ghost

July 31, 2002
Uploaded 2 new drawings, one is scrap art and the other is some hentai-ish cat-girl. Haven't drawn any fanart lately, been busy with schoolwork and stuff. Anyways for some cool cg work check out http://eikasia.deviantart.com! ^_^ --Ghost

July 14, 2002
I finally finished coloring a couple of drawings which have been pending for a bit too long (elvengirl_cg.jpg, terry.jpg). They're not really new--the b&w versions have been in the Drawings section for a while now--but who knows you might like them. ^_^ --Ghost

Uploaded new texts and lyrics in the Text/Writings section, new work by Alfie in the Guest Art section, and uploaded the finished K' and Kula collaboration art between me and Cress Arche ^_^

July 11, 2002 | LSS of the day: Sandwich - Butterfly Carnival
Good afternoon! I uploaded 4 new drawings today, 2 of which are fanart (K' and Kula, and Iori). The Iori one was quickly cg'ed, but it turned out pretty well I think. Other than the drawings, I also added a link to Buhawi in the Links section. Enjoy! ^_^ --Ghost

July 6, 2002 | LSS of the day: Coal Chamber - Something Told Me
Just one new drawing up over at the Drawings section, a scrap art too (iori-scrap.jpg). Just thought I'd update since I'm not really doing anything right now hehe. ^_^ --Ghost

July 1, 2002 | Hi Skywolf! ^_^
Surprised to see me update so soon? :p I uploaded 3 drawings today, one of them is new (bluemary.jpg) and the other two are scrap artworks i dug up from last term. The Blue Mary pic is dedicated to Skywolf, who was telling me to draw more female character fanarts hehe... Skywolf, hope you like it! ^_^ --Ghost

June 28, 2002 | LSS of the day: Slipknot - Left Behind
Warcraft 3 is out! Anyways a quick update today (I've been neglecting this page long enough, don't you think?), added some new drawings (mostly scrap art as usual) over in the Drawings page. A couple of lousy KOF fanart, a lousy orignal scrap art, and a fanart of a character from Ragnarok Online. Anyways enjoy the update (*cough,cough* yeah, right)! :p --Ghost

June 23, 2002
I was supposed to scan in some fanart, but unfortunately the power cord for the pc i use in scanning pics is missing. >:\ Anyways this update i just added a mascot pic to make the front page look more alive. The two characters are Ghost and Skywolf... hehehe. ^_^ --Ghost

June 9, 2002 | Just when you thought CTS was dead...
I finally got off my fat butt and started updating the site again. Not much new stuff, just some draft art of K' which will be used in a collaboration piece with Cress Arche (check out his site here) and finally, a Links Page. You can find the links page under the "Special" tab at the left of this page. Anyways that's about it! :p --Ghost

April 22, 2002
No update today, but I just wanted to say that I may be removing some sections due to Tripod's account downgrade. They're going to be limiting their webpage accounts from 50MB to 20MB, so that means I'll have to remove or relocate some sections. I'll probably be moving the guest art to another account, but it'll still be a part of CTS.
On a side note, I'll be renaming the Trask character from the "Ghost and Trask" comics to "Peku". The katakana title is still on the comics though, but from now on I'll just refer to them as the GNP comics :p --Ghost

April 6, 2002
I know I haven't been updating much lately, namely because i've been quite busy with school and stuff. I haven't had time to draw any decent pics either, so I decided to post some of my old(er) doodles this update. Some of you may have seen them already, but check out the Drawings page for small scrap arts of some final fantasy tactics monsters, K', and Rinoa giving the finger :p --Ghost

March 11, 2002
I wasn't able to upload the main page last time I updated, not that you guys missed much... all I uploaded was a crappy poem. :p This update there's a bit more stuff, one is a poem written by my partner Skywolf and also I have a new drawing up at the Drawings section (gaychar.jpg). Also, some new lyrics up also at the Writings section. That's bout it, enjoy! ^_^ --Ghost

February 21, 2002
Not much of an update, but I have a new poem over at the Writings section. It's entitled "Surrender", and it's about drug addiction. Take a look, who knows, you may like it. ^_^ --Ghost

February 7, 2002
I uploaded a bunch of new art over at the Drawings section, they're mostly scrap art though. Couple of stuff by Pyxis, some stuff by me... I think it's still work a look. Also I added my new poem in the Writings section entitled "Past Aside". Enjoy! ^_^ --Ghost

January 28, 2002
Just a small update today really, in the Drawings section I just added a colored version of one of my pencil sketches (kflame_cg.jpg) and there's a new fanart by aac over in the Guest Art section (maryandmai.jpg) ^_^ --Ghost

January 18, 2002
Got a couple of new drawings in the Drawings section, and something I found in the email up at the Text/Writings section. Also, I put up a gallery for Pyxis over in the Guest Art section, she has some new drawings there that you might want to look at. That's it for today! --Ghost

January 2, 2002
I have 4 new drawings in the Drawings section, one of them is an original character and the other 3 are fanarts. Also, added some new information over at the Misc. Info section, so go check it out ^_^ --Ghost

Added another fanart to the Drawings page... really got nothing to do these days ^^;

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